Ocean Waves Campground 3576 25313 Highway 12
Waves, NC 27982



Campground rules are strictly enforced


Check out time 11:30am: Anyone who has not paid and wishes to stay another night, please pay by 10:00am. Anyone leaving the premises after 11:30am will be charged for another night as a late check-out fee whether they stay or not (no exceptions).

Quiet Hours

10pm until 7am, ENFORCED. Anyone with a problem day or night report it to the management at the office.


Absolutely NO wood burning fires, Flaming Tiki Torches, or Free Standing Fire Pits permitted! Gas Camp stoves or charcoal grills ONLY!


Pet must be kept on leashes and cleaned up after. Serice Animals are permitted in the buildings. Pets should NOT be left alone to disturb other campers.


Please place your bagged trash the trash in the dumpsters. Recycle Bins are located by the mid-campground dumpster and at the store.


Please help keep our restrooms clean. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult.

Speed Limit

The speed limit inside the campground is 5 MPH, STRICTLY ENFORCED. Please drive safely, young children may be on the roads.

Protect Our Trees

Please help us protect our trees. DO NOT hang, nail, tie rope, or harm our trees. A laundry room has been provided at the office to wash and dry clothes.

Wildlife Restrictions

DO NOT FEED the birds on the premises. The birds will make a mess on the tents, RV's, and vehicles. Please go to the beach if it is necessary for you to feed the birds.

Washing Vehicles

Washing of cars, campers, or equipment is not permitted on site. Please use water at the front of brown garage and wash vehicles on the grass.


All visitors must check in at the office on arrival and should not use the facilities without paying first. Management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors per site.


Seven days prior to the date of check in for cancellations and/or change of dates, your deposit will be eligible for refund. No refunds given after check-in, only rain checks will be given.

No Sidewalk Chalk

Use of sidewalk chalk on campgrounds roads and site pads is not permitted.

Fireworks and Firearms

No fireworks or firearms are allowed on the premises. Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on Hatteras Island.

Conserve Water

In order to keep lot rental prices down, please conserve water. Kiddie Pools are not permitted.

Ground Covers

No carpets/mats on the grass. Carpets/mats are allowed only on the concrete site pads.

Scooters and Golf Carts

No riding Scooters or Golf Carts after dark without headlight. Riding Scooters or Golf Carts through other guests campsite is not permitted. No chuldren under the age of 13 may operate a scooter or golf cart.

Cleaning Fish

Clean your fish on Newspaper. Place carcuses & scales in plastic bags then put them in the dumpster. (We don't need the flies or the smell).

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting & Weed whacking are done on Tuesday and Wednesday (weather permitting). Grass cutting will be advised prior to cutting. Please remove all items from the grass area of your site to help facilitate in this effort.